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We offer solutions to your health concerns, using whole-food nutrition:

forks in a row Home Back Top Basics Nutritional HealingIn today’s world, many people are finding that the traditional healthcare model doesn’t seem to answer their questions, or solve the problems that they are suffering from. If this sounds like you, you may be interested to know that we offer an alternative way of approaching both your challenges and the solution to them.

Have you ever wondered if maybe the health complaints that you have could be solved by something as simple as improving your diet? (And by “diet,” we don’t mean those fad diets that have you eating all kinds of strange things in an effort to lose weight.) Gradual modifications over time have helped many people just like you to see the forever kind of results that they are looking for.

Nutrition Response Testing℠ is a tool that you can use to work out a personalized nutrition program for you, using whole foods and whole food supplements. It has the power to help you change your life, and it is very simple to get started!

In our office, we seek to educate people on what it actually means to eat healthily, by hosting various workshops and helping others to find the information that will liberate them from the bad habits they have gotten caught up in.

Back to Basics means just that—a return to the things that have worked for centuries: whole, natural, unprocessed foods that are full of nutritional value and give the body what it needs.

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Mission statement

The purpose of this practice is to help as many people as possible to achieve optimum and vibrant health through education and natural means without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery.